Peter Silk

Scientific Lead - Detection Technology

Dr. Peter Silk is an insect chemical ecologist/organic chemist with CFS, and will provide leadership for the investigation of all forest pests in this proposal.  Dr. Silk has provided significant leadership to the CFS IPM program, via establishment and achievements of the Semiochemistry group working with both native and exotic insects.  He has over 30 years of applied research in the field and has identified and developed numerous new semiochemical materials to deliver reduce-risk products to end-users and has also influenced National policy requirements for registering semiochemical control products.  Dr. Silk is well recognized provincially, nationally, and internationally for his scientific accomplishments with > 100 scientific publications to his credit, has many national and international collaborations, and is an elected member of the FCIC, MCIC, MRSC, and ARIC.

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